Consolidated Risk Management, Inc.


Consolidated Risk Management, Inc. is a full spectrum Safety, Health, LossPrevention and Regulatory Compliance Consulting and Training Company.




Our staff is composed of experienced certified health and safety instructors.

Our clientele include a wide variety of organizations in the domains of Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing, Municipalities, Education, Camps and Recreation, and Hotel/Hospitality.

CRM’s services include employer consultation and employee/staff training for compliance with regulatory agencies, such as OSHA, DEP, EPA, and DOH, as well as offering support with your organization’s preparation for compliance with Insurance Company requirements.

Employee Safety Training Programs for compliance with OSHA regulations and Safe Work Practices, among others, are available and arrangements can be made to host the programs at your site or at ours.

In addition, on-line safety training is available. On line modular training programs can also be customized to meet the unique requirements of your organization. Please see the “Training Program” link on our homepage.


Examples of types of programs offered include policy reviews and employee training for compliance with:

o Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facilities Joint Commission and DOH compliance programs

    > Environment of Care > Operating Room Fire Prevention
    > Emergency Preparedness > Waste Management/Hazardous Material
    > Laboratory Safety > Bloodborne Pathogens

o OSHA Compliance Programs

> Hazard Communication > Powered Industrial trucks
> Lockout/Tagout of hazardous energy > Machinery and Machine Guarding
> Personal Protective Equipment > Bloodborne Pathogens
> OSHA 10-Hour and 30 Hour Certifications  

o New York Regulation 59 Assessments and compliance

    > CRM Inc.’s approved Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention Consultants are available to conduct the mandatory Code Regulation 59 Assessments, when required.

    > The Code Regulation 59 applies to employers whose most recent annual payroll is in excess of eight hundred thousand dollars and whose most recent experience rating exceeds the level of 1.2.

    > These employers will receive notification from the Compensation Insurance Rating Board or other such rating organization that they are required to undergo a workplace safety and loss prevention consultation, and arrange for a workplace safety and loss prevention consultation and evaluation.

    > If you have already undergone a Code Regulation 59 assessment, but need assistance in recommendation compliance, CRM Inc. can also provide consultation and assistance in this area.


    > CRM is also extremely proud to have developed the SAVE (Stop Aggressive and Violent Events) Program, which is a unique combination of classroom and hands on-training provided by experts in human behavior and specialists in defensive tactics. SAVE’s goal is to aid in identifying situations which may escalate into violent confrontations and to utilize de-escalation maneuvers to mitigate the aggressive behavior, and, if this fails, to be able to physically extricate oneself from the situation

You can reach us at (516) 481-1900 and by fax at (516) 481-7185. We are looking forward to hearing from you.